Welcome to the British Order for Science and Reason

The Order exist for the betterment of the British people. The discovery of Salite and the development of its many applications were a catalyst for the Order to rise to power. With the support of the house, James Faraday, son of the late Michael Faraday, became Prime Minister within a few years of standing for election. In this position of power, the Order’s first move was to remove the influence of the church and the monarchy from Parliament; judging their hold over the people as unproductive and a detriment to the advancement of British society.


This move was not met without opposition and in several areas across the country, was met with violence. The Order decided to take a firm stand against this lawlessness and after the riots were put down swiftly thanks to the new technologies given to enforcers of the law, the Order dissolved the church and exiled the monarchy. The land that the churches occupied were seized by the newly formed republic and the occupants were turned out onto the street. The residences of the royals were spared the land-grabbing but they were made acutely aware that their presence was not welcome. Slowly over the years, the royal family and those closest descendants left Britain, seeking harbour in countries that were sympathetic to their cause. As for the religious leaders and those they once employed, the Order allowed them to continue their worship but never en masse.


With these obstacles removed, the Order set about changing the face of the country. London was transformed into a bustling hive of industry. Steel clad and wreathed in a mixture of dirt and steam, it is the centre of the Salite movement and the many branches of science and engineering that have benefitted from the power Salite provides. However, the giant structures that tower over the city and the mechanical contraptions that move along its streets are the mask that hide the misery and poverty that are forever a part of London life. The Order firmly believe that they are bettering society and indeed, those willing to embrace the technology have risen to become important members of their communities, but those who existed on the bottom rung of society have found it harder to rise than the Order would have hoped.


The opportunities that Salite brought were not extended to the poor of the country and as a result, slums appeared in every city that began to ‘advance’. Many ask why the Order has forgotten them; why their ethos of extending a better life to all of mankind does not mean all of mankind. The answer is that, quite frankly, the majority of those in the Order do not notice what is happening on the streets. Far too busy with the grand picture or tasking expeditions across the globe, they take as much notice of the lower classes as they did before they ran the country.  The Order’s law Enforcement branch have been given the job of maintaining the peace and the majority do so with a heavy hand and an open palm. As a result, the Order are viewed by some as a cruel master, rather than a benevolent father. Enforcement squads put down dissention with brutal force and the military cordon off the slum areas to ensure the status quo is maintained.


Playing as the Order you will use the might of Salite machines and the armed forces to sweep your enemies aside. Preferring to use superior tactics on the attack and steadfast resolve on the defence, the forces of the Order rarely engage in personal melee. However, that is not to say they are incapable of such things; do not mistake tactical positioning for a lack of resolve.

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