The Human Colonies


The new home world of humanity, Castobar is a huge melting pot of all races and cultures. Seen by many as a ‘soft’ world, most inhabitants have a near idyllic lifestyle. Major cities have a high degree of infrastructure automation and much has been done to prove to the Protectorate that humanity can indeed build a civilisation that respects the local biosphere. The UC Headquarters are housed on Castobar and their main training centre sits just outside the capital city of Sanctuary.

New Pacifica

A predominantly water world of immense natural beauty and sub-tropical climate, New Pac is a hub of scientific research within the Human Colonies. The capital city of San Angeles is host to premium non-corporate scientific institutions and the only official human psychic development centre (San Angeles Research Institute). Drawing the traditionally island or coastal cultures of humanity has given the world a diverse population and a very cosmopolitan feel. New Pacifica is also home to a large Alethi community, keen to explore the depths of the world ocean.


A largely temperate world with a booming agricultural industry, Borlaug is often referred to as ‘the breadbasket of humanity’. However the world is much more than a large farm. With unequalled geomorphological extremes Borlaug has proven to be the testing ground for many military organisations across the Human Colonies. From enormous chasm systems to unrivalled mountain ranges Borlaug presents a plethora of training environments.


Settled largely by remnants solely from the Martian colonies from the Sol system, Utopia is a place of technology and terraforming. Utopia is not as well centred in its goldilocks zone as the other nine colonies. Consequently the higher altitudes are extremely cold with a very thin atmosphere. The population stoically survive in underground complexes or chasm systems where the atmosphere is thicker. Utopia is a massive exporter of environmental and ship systems.


The gateway for humanity into Independent Space, Skane is a hub of trade and multiculturalism. Founded by northern European and Scandinavian settlers the world has extensive forests across its three large land masses. Not as close to the authoritarian Protectorate as New Pac and not having to be as aggressively competitive as Kibo and Xinju; the world soon became a stopping off point for tens of thousands of traders looking to make their fortune out among the stars.


Novus rose from the ashes of worlds (and faiths) torn asunder by the arrival of alien species and the challenge to the fundamental tenets of a dozen texts. In response to this cataclysmic event a conclave was held and key figures of several faiths agreed that a place must be founded for those of the ‘old world’ faiths to have as a home, if the Sol System was to be quarantined and all holy sites off limits. Novus has grown into a multifaith world which is yet to achieve a strong position among the colonies, but holds the spiritual sway in many arguments at the United Colonies.


The veritable empire that the South American alliance built across the solar system was severely hit during the Humanity Incident, as were all worlds. However, the corporate engine behind it moved quickly to bring resources to the sub-tropical world they aptly named Brasilia. The world is a powerful economic entity, but there is widespread poverty and corruption, as those at the top ensure their longevity and opulence at the expense of the general population.


A purely corporate world, built on the premise of industry and trade, Xinju has roots in the Indochinese emigrants that colonise the moons of Jupiter and beyond. Unofficially run by the vast conglomerate Highmountain, the press and media is tightly controlled as are the population. However, this is not done through crude methods such as on Brasilia. On Xinju everyone is provided for, as long as they work towards the greater good of all; of Highmountain. If you have the money, you can buy anything on Xinju.


This world was founded by those that could not join the organised crime syndicates of Brasilia, nor qualify for corporate management training on Xinju. Kibo scrabbles and fights its way against two close worlds, which it dearly wishes to surpass. Investing massively in ancient Borax mining technology sixty years ago, a vast proportion of their industry is based in asteroidal mining and refinery. Due to the dangers of their industrial base they have a strong offshoot market of pharmaceuticals and cybernetic engineering.

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