Short Break

Hello Garblaggites!

You may have noticed we’ve had a short break, but we’re back now!

A combination of work, holidays and real life has meant Wessex and I have been otherwise engaged.

We’ve still been playing Third Order and this is leading us to reassess the skill sets available to characters. Again we’re finding that the rules are good and robust, it’s just the format the character and skills come in that are the last things to tweak. It looks like there are a few redundant skills or even ones that we’ve split out in the aim of balance, but found it not to have worked. So some lessons learned about the character.

Shortly I’ll be writing a Character Creation article. This will be the usual ramble, but this time trying to explore and explain how we have got to our character creation process as opposed to any other.

In the next few weeks we are also going to be working towards finishing the content for the first block of Ascendancy. It’s exciting times in the card lab as Wessex throws his wild ideas around and Fushi Cho tests the hell out of everything. The play-testing has been great fun. I think the next step is to pass the first block and the ‘finalised’ rulebook to some unknowns and see how they get on.

Well, sorry we’ve been a bit quiet, but as you can see we are about to be very busy and give a lot of new content and material.

So stay tuned. Like, comment and tweet.


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