Pub Play – D&D 5e Actual Play – Planescape – Episode 1

As members of the St Albans Roleplaying Club we take part in games every Monday night. We’ve been playing for over 15 years every week and now we’ve decided to bring a piece of this to you.

Our adventurers have been thrust into the world of Planescape from disparate worlds. Each is in search of an ancient relic from their world, which is coveted by a renegade faction within Sigil. The party have been investigating just who and what this group is, and, perhaps more importantly, what these powerful relics might do.

This is one half of a dual campaign: 2 DMs, 2 parties, 1 mega-story. This is something of an experiment in terms of the club and we’re keen to see how it goes. The two parties have met once before and things were strained, but not unproductive.

I hope you enjoy the game session.

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