Legacy of Sol


After 75 years the galactic alien peacekeeping force known as the Protectorate has finally lifted the quarantine on the Sol system, the birthplace of humanity. Now 3 human factions vie for control of vital resources on the worlds their history books detail so well. Old rivalries have flared and true intentions have come to the fore. Starships have arrived once again in orbit of Earth, Mars and the colonies and stations that were created in the height of civilisation in the system.

The United Colonies is a para-military group that advises the governments of the new Human colonies, a clutch of nine habitable worlds. With backing from the Protectorate, the UC is determined to ensure the security of the home-system.

Highmountain is a conglomerate of corporate entities within the human colonies as powerful as the government itself. The corporate leadership has recognised the potential value in rescuing biological and technological artifacts from humanity’s past.

New Toronto is a militant offshoot that did not accept the worlds offered to humanity by the Protectorate. They shun the wider galactic community, believing that human worlds should be for humans only, including those of the home-system.

Expeditions have begun to clash in strategically important points throughout the system. Each of these factions has a claim to the past and is determined to exert their authority. As an expedition leader you must ensure that your faction is the one to win out on the battlefield. For what happens today determines the future of humanity.

Do you have what it takes to seize the legacy of Sol?

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