Into the Dungeon!

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here. Thought I’d give an update.

I’ve been so busy with videos, life and roleplaying. It’s been a fun few months and we’re seeing more views on our youtube channel. Now though we’re going to change up the recording, try to improve the quality and control the environment a bit more.

The channel is coming on, at the time of writing we’ve been contacted by a few rpg companies to help with kickstarters. I’m also going to Tring to cover the Gamesfest 2016 one day convention on the 22nd October. So things are going well. I want to move from the shed (which had some sound and lighting issues) to a more controlled environment. So, since my garage roof is now fixed I have decided to kit the place out as The Dungeon, my new recording ‘studio’. Hopefully this should provide better quality videos for the channel. I’m still figuring out the logistics of it all, camera angles etc, but I think it will be much improved.

On that vein, I’ve decided to rename ShedCast as DungeonCast, still bringing news and discussion from across the tabletop.


We will also be starting a new show called DungeonRole, which will be weekly actual play roleplay session. This is like the old Pub Play, but again in a much more controlled environment. Filming in the pub was fun, but the sound quality of videos suffered.


I am also working on a modified version of Dungeons & Dragons 5e rules to run a game set in my own setting. I am changing the rules, because I want the setting to be a touch more realistic. I also don’t like the way Armour Class works etc. Most of the changes are around how characters are built and making the races, backgrounds etc work for the setting. I just spent today resorting spells to different types of magic and adjusting damage levels in line with other rules changes. So this should prove interesting. I hope we can bring a DungeonRole based in this world and with these rules.


Anyway that’s my update, I hope to do more of these to keep you guys up to date. We hope to start the new shows soon and, more importantly, we hope you guys enjoy them!


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