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Legend of the Five Rings RPG

Has anyone tried the new Legend of the Five Rings rpg out?

I have the previous version and will be checking out the new one. Just wondered if anyone had had a go yet?

There's a free beta version to download at the FFG website:

I honestly can't wait for this to become available to buy & play I enjoyed the older version a lot. It would be great to roll up a Scorpion Clan character.

Which side of Scorpion do you believe in. They truly are dishonourable and dastardly OR they take the dishonour for all others under some secret edict by the Emperor?

They take the dishonour because someone has to carry the burden in the name of the Emperor & Empire. The Scorpion Clan is there to do the jobs & deeds that an Emperor can't They have sworn to protect the Empire at any cost no matter how bad or dishonorable the deed.

Take the  L5R novels  for example one part of the Scorpion book has always stuck with me. I won't drop major spoilers just in case anyone wishes to read the novel.

The current leader of the Scorpion Clan learns of a terrible threat to the empire, one so dire that if he acts on it he risks his entire clan.

You see him from his point of view weigh up just how far is he wiling to go for the greater good of the Empire.

The novel shows that the entire Clan is willing to die to protect the Empire even if it makes every other Clan see you as a traitor & the enemy.


I remember really enjoying those novels, in fact surprised as I thought they'd be a cheap tie in.

Might have to have another read of those before I run a campaign. At some point....

I'm also tempted to dig my copies out & re-read them 🙂

If you do run an L5R campaign at some point I would like to throw my name into the hat as a player, I miss doing table top RP & always enjoyed your campaigns in other gaming settings.

I still have my character sheet for my Halfling Paladin Cora Thorngage!