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L5R - Honor victory?

Hi guys,

Anyone out there built an L5R deck that was centred around victory through Honor? Either building up your own or removing your opponents?

Any tips on clans/cards that can do this quickly/effectively?


With the current cards available, both are quite hard to achieve.

The dishonouring is by far the more viable of the two, but still difficult in a more competitive environment. The problem being that when you see that your opponent is going for dishonour or you are running low, it is pretty easy to correct for it (i.e. drawing fewer cards, wind ring). Although this kind of correcting leaves you open to conquest as you are limiting your card draw, or going for the least effective (arguably) ring. So with that said, hitting your opponent's honour is a way to keep them on the back foot, allowing you to get the conquest. There are a few cards out there that remove honour (watch commander and levy spring to mind - both Crab), and getting other means of cards so you can draw low and remove honour that way. Removing characters from defence is another way to hack away at their honour (Phoenix do this quite well).

Gaining 25 honour is very tough. I've not heard of it in any tournaments as yet. The cards just aren't there to support it and as it's a resource, you would have to be very well setup with card draw, defence and just gaining it! Personally I think it was the win condition that was thought about least 🙂 I'm sure later card releases will make it more viable.