Please make sure you read the Rules post in “The Voice of Garblag”. Thanks and happy posting!

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Hi there, this is a post about rules and guidelines.

Generally we want everyone to have healthy debate, not resort to mud-slinging and enjoy the forum. I hope that this post is really not necessary, please don’t make me wrong.

This is a forum to cover your views, thoughts and opinions on the world of tabletop gaming. It's also (unashamedly) a place to discuss your views of our show, our content and where we go in the future.

This is not a place to:   

  • Abuse other users/people
  • Be aggressive towards other users/people
  • Discuss real world political or religious views/issues
  • Use extreme language
  • Share extreme content

What is “abuse”, “aggressive” or “extreme” is down to the forum admins, but in any case of posts being removed/deleted or users being banned a full reason will be given.

Keep it all (mostly) clean and we’ll be fine.