Flint & Steel

Welcome to Garblag Games. We’re playing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and this. IS FLINT AND STEEL!

We are now into our second season of our popular WFRP show, having started in 2nd edition and now converted to the new 4th edition. With a slowly changing cast over more than 24 hours of gameplay our adventurers explore the sewers of Nuln in season 1 and start to uncover a dark plot by one of the city crime families. This leads to a series of dangerous fights, subterranean exploration and dealings with political figures.

Come and join us as we explore a dark story in the Old World….

Season 1 and 2 of Flint & Steel also chart the development of the channel.


Season 1

You’ll see audio and visual improvement quite quickly in season 1, so stick with it (sorry about the audio issues on episode 2).


Season 2

The awesome artwork you see here for our new intro was created by the awesome PencilWright

This entire season has higher audio and visual production quality.