Flint & Steel WFRP 2e

Hello and welcome to our Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay show – Flint & Steel.

This is a series of WFRP adventures set in the grand city of Nuln, the second city of the Empire.

Our party consists of:

Ben – Gunter – Halfling Litigant
Jim – Hartwin – Human Targeteer (ex Bounty Hunter)
Lawrence – Torvald – Dwarf Cartographer
Roger – Bagrik – Dwarf Shieldbreaker
Simon – Alvin – Human Bodyguard

We’re constantly trying to improve the quality of our videos. You’ll see we had a sound issue in Episode 2, but we’ve resolved this with a move to a new filming location from episode 3, so stick with us and hopefully you’ll see the shows evolve. We’d love your feedback to help this process, so please like, comment and subscribe on the videos below.

We hope you enjoy!