Five Cities Magic

Hello fellow Garblaggians!

So I’ve been working on Five Cities a bit, mainly to support an upcoming campaign I’ll be running at the Monday Night Club. Chiefly I’ve been concerned with Blackbridge the city, equipment and trappings and Magic. I’ll be updating on the first two shortly, but I just wanted to share the current outlines for Magic.

There are 4 Elements, which are broken down by 4 Essences to create 16 Circles of Magic. These are then broken down again by 4 Expressions (the skills that characters use in the game) to leave 64 different types of effect that Magi can create. It’s an open and free form system – no spells other than those you can imagine within the guidelines.

Anyway, I’ve attached a file that you can download and have a read of. So feel free to read and let us know what you think here, or on facebook.

Download here: Five Cities Magic



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