Five Cities D&D 5e

Hello and welcome to our Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition actual play show – Five Cities.

This is a series of D&D adventures set in Pete’s homebrew fantasy world, Five Cities. For more information on the world head over to the Five Cities Page, Pete will be adding content as we continue with the adventure. There are also maps there which show you where the adventures are taking our band of brave adventurers.

Our party consists of:

Jim – Cormick – Halfling Fighter
Jon – Saint – Half-elf Paladin of Ab’Utar
Roger – Aurelian – Human Cleric of Usion
Sam – Lena – Human Ranger
Simon – Poot – Gnome Rogue

We’re constantly trying to improve the quality of our videos. You’ll see sound quality improve in Episode 2 Part 1, so stick with us and hopefully you’ll see the shows evolve. We’d love your feedback to help this process, so please like, comment and subscribe on the videos below.

We hope you enjoy!