Excerpt from Damage & Healing

A little taste of the rules….

Medical Attention
If a damage zone receives 1 point of damage more than its 2 Success Level penalty level on the Damage Track it is rendered useless and must receive immediate medical attention from someone with the Medicine skill. Every round a character requires medical attention they suffer an additional point of Threshold (see below) and must make a Good Stamina roll in order not to lose the body part permanently. In order to prevent this loss the character must receive artificial healing of some kind.  

Full damage (limb loss or death)
If a damage zone receives 1 point of damage more than its Medical Attention level that body part is lost, with two possible outcomes:  

1. If the damage zone in question is a limb the character immediately receives an additional 3 points of Threshold. The damage zones are permanently off the Damage Track and any location hits to that limb now result as a Torso hit. Luckily the world of Third Order is one where cybernetic or cloned limbs are available (at a cost).  A lost limb is easily replaced with an alternative.  

2. If the damage zone in question is the torso or head the character is dead. Hand the character sheet back to the GM.

Well, hope that wetted you appetite for more. We’ll put up a few extracts from time to time to show our progress.

See you soon.


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  1. Looks good. I’llreview the full document and add the odd comma so I can continue to hope for a mention in the rule book when it get published.

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