Eternal Reaches

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Humaniti’s origins long distant, the diaspora across alien space was the end of the United Colonies. For decades, internal political and ideological stresses had stretched the UC to breaking point. The instigator of the Colonial War is now not known and, in truth, no longer matters. Now, centuries later, mankind is spread among the stars living among the ruins of those that came before. Long before. Whereas before in the UC mankind was the dominant species in their space, humans now share their worlds and societies with the other species of the galaxy.

The structures and worlds of the Four Species, now millennia dead, have proven fruitful havens for all species. Much technology has been reverse-engineered from the artefacts found on strange worlds and between the stars. Massive city sized ships, derelict and drifting on long forgotten trade routes. Factory complexes, almost reclaimed completely by nature, hinting at the scale of industry once wielded by the Four Species. Vast orbital facilities, now threadbare and dangerous, harbouring great secrets of technology from a bygone era. It is in these ruins that the species now live. It is from these ruins that they scavenge progress and an advantage over others. Many travellers make their way between the forgotten stars, in search of the technological motherlode.

Myriad corporations, fiefdoms, oligarchies, kingdoms, collectives, enclaves, hives, sects and dictatorships have been rediscovering each other for decades. Much conflict has been seen for the last century. Yet, a phase of trade has been embarked upon, primarily by Human and Reedol populations. Decades of isolation and consolidation have made states cautious, suspicious of one another. However, new jump routes have been stabilised between the more prosperous worlds. Whether Human, Reedol, Cho’Rixx, Fothlani or Ytrin, many travellers now make their way between the known worlds of the Eternal Reaches, rekindling the flame of civilisation.




The Lodaris Sub-Sector:

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