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Pub Play Season 2 has begun!

After the success of season 1, our brave adventurers have set out on an all-new series of roleplaying sessions… in the pub! So grab yourself a container of beverage, sit back and join them on their journey into the realms of Planescape! Pub Play Season 2 and if you haven’t viewed season 1 then don’t […]

Special Announcement

Hello Garblaggites! We’re extremely pleased to announce that we will begin a live play of Third Order on our twitch channel in three weeks on Sunday 8th November. Head over to our Youtube channel to hear Pete talk about it. Keep an eye on our twitch channel as well. We hope you enjoy the show! […]

Montage Time!

Hello Garblaggians! We have been having such a great time creating Legacy of Sol. The rules are in a really good place, with a strong basis to move on and start adding funky stuff like upgrades. The couple of playtests we’ve done have been resounding successes and we intend to do many more. With Salute […]