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Lars, D&D and Chrome Dystopia

So I have some good news to share. On the 13th January 2017 my son Lars was born! Consequently the YouTube channel has been a bit quiet. I have substantially less time for such things these days, but we’ll get back to filming our Five Cities D&D 5e next week and our DM roundtable should […]

A New Year

Happy New Year, Garblaggites! We hope that 2017 will be a prosperous one for you all. 2016 has been an interesting year, with a lot of effort going into the Garblag Games YouTube channel. We’ve gone from the Shed to the Dungeon. We’ve been to conventions. We’ve discussed war, board, card and roleplaying games. There’s […]

Special Announcement

Hello Garblaggites! We’re extremely pleased to announce that we will begin a live play of Third Order on our twitch channel in three weeks on Sunday 8th November. Head over to our Youtube channel to hear Pete talk about it. Keep an eye on our twitch channel as well. We hope you enjoy the show! […]

Legacy of Sol

After 75 years the galactic alien peacekeeping force known as the Protectorate has finally lifted the quarantine on the Sol system, the birthplace of humanity. Now 3 human factions vie for control of vital resources on the worlds their history books detail so well. Old rivalries have flared and true intentions have come to the […]

Update on direction

Hello Garblaggians! It’s been a while since we last gave a decent update on what we are doing. Aside from our recent playtest pictures we’ve been pretty quiet. Well unfortunately as is the way with our hobby, real life has intervened to slow things down. However, we now have a clear stretch ahead and, more […]

Five Cities Magic

Hello fellow Garblaggians! So I’ve been working on Five Cities a bit, mainly to support an upcoming campaign I’ll be running at the Monday Night Club. Chiefly I’ve been concerned with Blackbridge the city, equipment and trappings and Magic. I’ll be updating on the first two shortly, but I just wanted to share the current […]

Welcome to the British Order for Science and Reason

The Order exist for the betterment of the British people. The discovery of Salite and the development of its many applications were a catalyst for the Order to rise to power. With the support of the house, James Faraday, son of the late Michael Faraday, became Prime Minister within a few years of standing for […]

Excerpt from Damage & Healing

A little taste of the rules…. Medical Attention If a damage zone receives 1 point of damage more than its 2 Success Level penalty level on the Damage Track it is rendered useless and must receive immediate medical attention from someone with the Medicine skill. Every round a character requires medical attention they suffer an […]

Short Break

Hello Garblaggites! You may have noticed we’ve had a short break, but we’re back now! A combination of work, holidays and real life has meant Wessex and I have been otherwise engaged. We’ve still been playing Third Order and this is leading us to reassess the skill sets available to characters. Again we’re finding that […]

June 2013 Update

Hi everyone! So, it’s been a busy month. Pencilwright has delivered a top notch first look at the world of Third Order. Ascendancy was play-tested for the first time, with more games coming soon. We’ve seen over 170 unique visitors to the website, up from just over 100 last month. Social Media-wise Twitter we’re up […]

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