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GM Preparation – Part 3

Hello Garblaggites! So finally part 3 of GM Preparation. Events. These are things that the GM wants to achieve to create a story. I like to think of them in two types: Story Events and Session Events. Story Events. These are the big scenes of your campaign, the set pieces that frame the main story. […]

GM Preparation – Part 2

Hello, So, Part 2. There are many tools a DM/GM can use to help them prepare their adventures. More importantly, these tools help the GM deal with the destruction a determined set of players can bring to a campaign simply by going of on a tangent, splitting up or generally acting stupid in the face […]

DM Preparation – Part 1

Hello, I’ve been roleplaying for almost 25 years, ever since my dad brought home a certain red box set. For a few years I was a player, learning from my DMs without realising. It’s too long ago to remember every session, but I do remember one chap I’ll call PW, who ran the definitive AD&D […]

On Dice

Hello, Our roleplaying games, Five Cities and Third Order, use a unique dice set system called the Optimal System. In addition, we are working on a simplified version for After the Silence. I thought I’d give a bit of info on why we have gone with this particular mechanic over any other. There are many […]