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Legacy of Sol Update – Movement!

Hello there Garblaggians! We have been working away on our rules for Legacy of Sol and are starting to pull together an alpha set reading for play testing. In anticipation of this we’d love to get some iterative feedback. So, in a very open fashion, we’re going to start putting bits and bobs of rules […]

Legacy of Sol Faction Focus – United Colonies

The United Colonies A para-military group that advises the governments of the new Human colonies, the United Colonies (UC) are the peace keepers of human space. Colony armed forces commit members of their own military to the UC for joint operations. The main democratic colonies are keen to support this movement. However, some worlds are […]

Montage Time!

Hello Garblaggians! We have been having such a great time creating Legacy of Sol. The rules are in a really good place, with a strong basis to move on and start adding funky stuff like upgrades. The couple of playtests we’ve done have been resounding successes and we intend to do many more. With Salute […]

Legacy of Sol

After 75 years the galactic alien peacekeeping force known as the Protectorate has finally lifted the quarantine on the Sol system, the birthplace of humanity. Now 3 human factions vie for control of vital resources on the worlds their history books detail so well. Old rivalries have flared and true intentions have come to the […]

Update on direction

Hello Garblaggians! It’s been a while since we last gave a decent update on what we are doing. Aside from our recent playtest pictures we’ve been pretty quiet. Well unfortunately as is the way with our hobby, real life has intervened to slow things down. However, we now have a clear stretch ahead and, more […]