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Game Review (ish) – MegaTalisman!

I should probably start by saying that Talisman has a special place in my heart. As a young boy, I spent many weekend afternoons sitting around the board with my family trying to reach the crown of command, whilst avoiding being turned into a toad. They were heady days when I cared little for the […]

Legacy of Sol Faction Focus – United Colonies

The United Colonies A para-military group that advises the governments of the new Human colonies, the United Colonies (UC) are the peace keepers of human space. Colony armed forces commit members of their own military to the UC for joint operations. The main democratic colonies are keen to support this movement. However, some worlds are […]

Montage Time!

Hello Garblaggians! We have been having such a great time creating Legacy of Sol. The rules are in a really good place, with a strong basis to move on and start adding funky stuff like upgrades. The couple of playtests we’ve done have been resounding successes and we intend to do many more. With Salute […]

Gothic Tales

19th century London: city of industry, affluence and discovery. The British Empire’s finest gather, their conversation giddy and feverish with talk of scientific wonders, mysteries of the ‘dark continent’, and the latest engineering marvels. Yet outside these prestigious halls, the London’s streets and slums wallow, overcrowded, in disease, crime and death. These contrasts attract many […]

Update on direction

Hello Garblaggians! It’s been a while since we last gave a decent update on what we are doing. Aside from our recent playtest pictures we’ve been pretty quiet. Well unfortunately as is the way with our hobby, real life has intervened to slow things down. However, we now have a clear stretch ahead and, more […]

Welcome to the British Order for Science and Reason

The Order exist for the betterment of the British people. The discovery of Salite and the development of its many applications were a catalyst for the Order to rise to power. With the support of the house, James Faraday, son of the late Michael Faraday, became Prime Minister within a few years of standing for […]

Hot Cup of Garblag?

Our first official merchandise! Amazing stuff – a great gift from a player! Amazing what players will do for extra XP!

June 2013 Update

Hi everyone! So, it’s been a busy month. Pencilwright has delivered a top notch first look at the world of Third Order. Ascendancy was play-tested for the first time, with more games coming soon. We’ve seen over 170 unique visitors to the website, up from just over 100 last month. Social Media-wise Twitter we’re up […]

Quick Update

Hi there, We’ve made a good step, we have reached the magic 30 likes on Facebook. It’s not much (36 at time of typing), but it’s a start. Something we intend to build on. For now a big thank you to our new friends. For content, we’ll have a new mini-article later this week and […]

Ascendancy Updated!

Hello all, game news is afoot! We have now updated the Ascendancy page with details of this devilishly exciting card game. Head over to the page to have a look at the introduction. Play-testing is about to commence on this game line, so we’ll be updating the site with pics, news and hints at what […]

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