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Legacy of Sol Faction Focus – United Colonies

The United Colonies A para-military group that advises the governments of the new Human colonies, the United Colonies (UC) are the peace keepers of human space. Colony armed forces commit members of their own military to the UC for joint operations. The main democratic colonies are keen to support this movement. However, some worlds are […]

Montage Time!

Hello Garblaggians! We have been having such a great time creating Legacy of Sol. The rules are in a really good place, with a strong basis to move on and start adding funky stuff like upgrades. The couple of playtests we’ve done have been resounding successes and we intend to do many more. With Salute […]

First Iconic Artwork

Hello All, We’ve been working with Pencilwright on our first Iconic image – the Spacer. I think you’ll agree that it is pretty awesome! This is the first Iconic, there will be plenty more where this came from though. So stay tuned! Pria, is a crew member onboard the United Colonies starship UCS Copenhagen. Born […]