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Five Cities Magic

Hello fellow Garblaggians! So I’ve been working on Five Cities a bit, mainly to support an upcoming campaign I’ll be running at the Monday Night Club. Chiefly I’ve been concerned with Blackbridge the city, equipment and trappings and Magic. I’ll be updating on the first two shortly, but I just wanted to share the current […]

Short Break

Hello Garblaggites! You may have noticed we’ve had a short break, but we’re back now! A combination of work, holidays and real life has meant Wessex and I have been otherwise engaged. We’ve still been playing Third Order and this is leading us to reassess the skill sets available to characters. Again we’re finding that […]

GM Preparation – Part 3

Hello Garblaggites! So finally part 3 of GM Preparation. Events. These are things that the GM wants to achieve to create a story. I like to think of them in two types: Story Events and Session Events. Story Events. These are the big scenes of your campaign, the set pieces that frame the main story. […]

Borax Trade Union

This is the Boraxi language pictographic character that loosely translates into the overarching concept of the Borax Trade Union.

June 2013 Update

Hi everyone! So, it’s been a busy month. Pencilwright has delivered a top notch first look at the world of Third Order. Ascendancy was play-tested for the first time, with more games coming soon. We’ve seen over 170 unique visitors to the website, up from just over 100 last month. Social Media-wise Twitter we’re up […]

GM Preparation – Part 2

Hello, So, Part 2. There are many tools a DM/GM can use to help them prepare their adventures. More importantly, these tools help the GM deal with the destruction a determined set of players can bring to a campaign simply by going of on a tangent, splitting up or generally acting stupid in the face […]

DM Preparation – Part 1

Hello, I’ve been roleplaying for almost 25 years, ever since my dad brought home a certain red box set. For a few years I was a player, learning from my DMs without realising. It’s too long ago to remember every session, but I do remember one chap I’ll call PW, who ran the definitive AD&D […]

Quick Update

Hi there, We’ve made a good step, we have reached the magic 30 likes on Facebook. It’s not much (36 at time of typing), but it’s a start. Something we intend to build on. For now a big thank you to our new friends. For content, we’ll have a new mini-article later this week and […]

On Dice

Hello, Our roleplaying games, Five Cities and Third Order, use a unique dice set system called the Optimal System. In addition, we are working on a simplified version for After the Silence. I thought I’d give a bit of info on why we have gone with this particular mechanic over any other. There are many […]

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