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Lars, D&D and Chrome Dystopia

So I have some good news to share. On the 13th January 2017 my son Lars was born! Consequently the YouTube channel has been a bit quiet. I have substantially less time for such things these days, but we’ll get back to filming our Five Cities D&D 5e next week and our DM roundtable should […]

A New Year

Happy New Year, Garblaggites! We hope that 2017 will be a prosperous one for you all. 2016 has been an interesting year, with a lot of effort going into the Garblag Games YouTube channel. We’ve gone from the Shed to the Dungeon. We’ve been to conventions. We’ve discussed war, board, card and roleplaying games. There’s […]

Game Review (ish) – MegaTalisman!

I should probably start by saying that Talisman has a special place in my heart. As a young boy, I spent many weekend afternoons sitting around the board with my family trying to reach the crown of command, whilst avoiding being turned into a toad. They were heady days when I cared little for the […]

Special Announcement

Hello Garblaggites! We’re extremely pleased to announce that we will begin a live play of Third Order on our twitch channel in three weeks on Sunday 8th November. Head over to our Youtube channel to hear Pete talk about it. Keep an eye on our twitch channel as well. We hope you enjoy the show! […]

Legacy of Sol Update – Movement!

Hello there Garblaggians! We have been working away on our rules for Legacy of Sol and are starting to pull together an alpha set reading for play testing. In anticipation of this we’d love to get some iterative feedback. So, in a very open fashion, we’re going to start putting bits and bobs of rules […]

Game Review – Eldritch Horror

First Arkham, then the World! A few nights ago I was invited over to a friend’s house to play Eldritch Horror, which Fantasy Flight Games describes as “a cooperative game for one to eight players, based on the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and inspired by the classic board game Arkham Horror”. I have played Arkham Horror, […]

Legacy of Sol Faction Focus – United Colonies

The United Colonies A para-military group that advises the governments of the new Human colonies, the United Colonies (UC) are the peace keepers of human space. Colony armed forces commit members of their own military to the UC for joint operations. The main democratic colonies are keen to support this movement. However, some worlds are […]

Update on direction

Hello Garblaggians! It’s been a while since we last gave a decent update on what we are doing. Aside from our recent playtest pictures we’ve been pretty quiet. Well unfortunately as is the way with our hobby, real life has intervened to slow things down. However, we now have a clear stretch ahead and, more […]

Third Order Update

Hello Garblaggites! So, not wanting to lag behind on Third Order I’ve recently updated the materials available. At the links below you will find the Character Section, Character Sheet and the Forge Galaxy History. This should be all you need to get a feel for the world and make a Third Order character. Character Section Character […]

Five Cities Characters

Hello Garblaggites! So, the new campaign begins on Monday at the St Albans Roleplaying Club. In preparation for this I have been working on the Character Creation and Equipment sections as well as the Character Sheet. There have been a few subtle changes, nothing fundamental. These days it’s a refining process and getting it all […]

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