A New Year

Happy New Year, Garblaggites!

We hope that 2017 will be a prosperous one for you all. 2016 has been an interesting year, with a lot of effort going into the Garblag Games YouTube channel. We’ve gone from the Shed to the Dungeon. We’ve been to conventions. We’ve discussed war, board, card and roleplaying games. There’s been a lot of learning. We’re now getting to a stage where we feel we’re really giving quality content, which is a great place to be at the start of 2017.

We’ve refocused our efforts on two main shows.

DungeonCast is a discussion and roundtable show where we discuss news on all tabletop fronts. Recently this has focused on roleplaying game discussions around how to run and create games in our DM Roundtable series. These are around 30 minute episodes design to give you the benefit of the experience of the St Albans Roleplaying Club, which has been running rpgs for over 15 years. We’ll alternate DM/GMs that come to the dungeon to give advice, plus we’re considering a world building series.

DungeonRole is a show for us to play games and hopefully provide some insight into them for the audience, you. Our main feature is our Five Cities series, which is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition actual play. This has been a lot of fun to film. It’s set in Pete’s homebrew world Ternoa, which you can find more information about at the Five Cities World page. Pete will be adding more content as the series continues.


We hope to bring you more of this over the coming year. We hope to do it a bit better each time we do. So please, let us know what you think of our content by commenting on videos, posting questions on our facebook page and generally hassling us until we have no choice but to respond!

Most of all we hope that you enjoy our content and it makes you want to play games even more.

Happy New Year,


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